Brain Tuner

Tune your brain in less than a minute a day! Like a Brain Age exercise. Get your brain in shape with this great math game for all ages.

Potent and addictive! (5 stars)

“This app is amazing. I have become far more comfortable calculating math in my head since playing this game and have gained more mathematic confidence. As a computer science major this is an excellent resource!” Nicole Shaffer

Thumbs up (5 stars)

“my favorite iphone app just got better! i like the new additions like the division option, 60 questions, and global top scores to see how i rate.” the michael phelps of brain tuner

Great app (5 stars)

“I downloaded this to give my niece a refeshing moments on math every morning. That worked, but I ended up using this more to myself to keep me awake when things go the wrong way. Nice app to refresh and relax” Nilesh Jahagirdar

Great app – clean and sweet (5 stars)

“Well worth supporting the developer. Can’t wait to see what’s next!” Ukelover

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