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New in Whiteboard: iCloud support and more

I’m excited to share some news about what we’ve been working on at Greengar.

Since the introduction of the first iPad on March 12, 2010, Whiteboard on iOS has had a phenomenal few years. Whiteboard is among the top collaboration applications on the iOS App Store, and we’ve received more feedback and requests from users on iPad than any other device. Many users love Whiteboard, and are using it in many industries, including education, fashion design, communication, PR/advertising, psychology, and more. Here’s what they’re saying:

Fer800 (?????): Excellent application where you can show creative work and develop your drawing skills, presenting pictures full color, I use this application to release stress and tension of the working day, I highly recommended it.

Spectacular concrete (?????): I always carry a pen. I always have a phone on me too!!! Thus i use my phone. People see black and white easier fir some reason. This app has allowed me to show people where I figuratively want to put things for there yard. Also a great way to keep notes for later. I think there could be a couple of changes. With everything I do. Thus app is perfect to show a quick idea of what could be!!!! Creative “up-sellers” know what I speak of. This app can help out everyone in the biz:-) (no one calls it that)

Ali go (?????): Although school is important I always look forward to drawing with my friends during class. It’s like texting but instead you don’t get caught because it’s on your iPad. This is my addiction:)

Tate Skinner (Good Back-Up in Classroom ?????): I mainly use Note Taker HD on the iPad with a ceiling projector when teaching. But, I do use this app when my teacher’s aide needs my iPad. And I often collaborate with students who have this app on their iPhone.

Ballparkjosh (Me and my 4 yo love it ?????): Don’t let the people who get confused by a revolving door get you down on this one. It’s a great app for drawing and just having fun on your I pad. If you have a stylus it makes this app about a million times better. Your not gonna be drawing fine art on it but it gets the job done for what it was intended. My daughter just loves the fact she gets to draw all over my I pad without getting yelled at. Besides that it keeps her art off my walls.

Whiteboard on iPad has been one of the Top 50 Productivity apps since its release:


At WWDC 2011, Steve Jobs announced iCloud. Today, we’re thrilled to bring iCloud integration to Whiteboard, with version 3.2.1. We’ve submitted this update to Apple, including these awesome features:

  • iCloud Integration: Open & save drawings to iCloud, access them on any device (iOS or Mac), and continue drawing your awesome artwork.
  • Deep Facebook Integration: Open & save photos from any album on Facebook.
  • Better Text Tool & Layers for iPad, better performance on iPad with Retina display.
  • Upload to & visit Whiteboard Gallery right from any Whiteboard app, via the Settings view.
  • Crop photos to fit your screen’s aspect ratio before editing: no more stretched photos!

While waiting for the version 3.2.1 update, check out our new Whiteboard Gallery to see some awesome artwork created by our beloved Whiteboard users.


Thuy & iCloud at WWDC 2011 – in remembrance of Steve


There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen. - Jim Lovell


Posted by Thuy Muoi @thuymuoi, Vice President, Greengar
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Today Clock: “Same Same But Different”

I would like to introduce you to the latest Greengar app: Today Clock.

Today Clock is an alarm clock, so you can set it to sound a bell or buzzer at specific times. It has standard alarm functions like snooze, repeat, etc.

However, what makes Today Clock special is that you can see the current date in your device’s Notification Center! This way, you can find today’s date without opening Calendar or going back to the lock screen.

What’s today’s date?

Simply swipe down the screen of Notification Center and you can find the answer:

Today Clock offers a digital clock with adjustable brightness for your own comfort, day or night, for indoor or outdoor viewing.

Convenient and elegant alarm setup:

 Simply swipe to delete any alarm from the list.

Enjoy the landscape view.

Download Today Clock now! Today Clock is FREE for a limited time.

We would love to hear what you think about this app. Contact us or stop by the Greengar Facebook Page to leave your comments :)

Enjoy our simple, fun, and useful Today Clock!


Samunagi: How fast can you react?

Idea Thirsty. Brainstorms. Work hard. Play hard. New ideas appear at the time we less expect.

To fresh up minds, say hey to Samunagi – Greengar’s new app – released on Mar 29th, 2012.

Samunagi is a combined word of samurai and unagi (an extremely focus mode). You want to know how fast and correctly you can reacts. You want to know how long you can stay in the extremely focus mode. You are also a fan of sensitive touch screens of iOS devices. Samunagi is made for you.

Arcade (Single player mode with current 8 levels)

You can challenge yourself with eight (8) different levels on this free version of Samunagi. A time range from 10,000 milliseconds to 800 milliseconds or even down to 150 millisecond, you have to observe, calculate and react at the fastest speed but in a correct way to have the best score.
8 different levels

 Multi player on a local WiFi connection

When you think you are able to react extremely fast and correctly, you and your friend can compete together. The common request are simply fast action and correction. Our instruction page will help you out how to play in two player mode.
Multi-player mode
Download Samunagi for free of charge here.
You will laugh a lot with a cute funny UI, exciting sound theme and surprise to know how simple Samunagi, running on iPods, iPhones and iPads with iOS 4.0 or more, to entertain you.
Enjoy Samunagi and rate for us to the top rank.

Posted by Angela Huynh

Customer Support – Greengar Studios