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Typing with Strangers – now available on the App Store

Coming out as the winner of the Chartboost Hackathon 2012, Typing with Strangers is the most-wanted game from the contest. The game was put together in 48 hours by Kimberly Hsiao, Andy Jiang, Eran Davidov (CTO of SocialBug Labs), and Elliot Lee (Founder of Greengar).

Typing with Strangers is a real-time seamless multi-player game that lets you kill monsters by typing the words on them. When someone near you is playing Typing with Strangers, your games will automatically merge together. They’ll join your game, and you’ll join theirs! It’s one big world, with tons of enemies to conquer. In other ordinary games (even multiplayer ones), if there is another player who wants to join the game, the current player has to stop their current game and make an invitation for them to join. Not cool. But with Typing with Strangers, it just works like magic!

This game is also a very interesting educational tool for new users of iPhone, who aren’t yet ridiculously proficient with a touchscreen keyboard. Players can improve typing skills and also challenge their peers. The graphics are also nicely designed by Andy Jiang, Duy Hoang, and Hector Zhao, providing interesting looks for the creatures.

This is a short introduction clip of Typing with Strangers, when it was announced as the Winner of the Chartboost Hackathon:

Chartboost Hackathon- Winning team from Chartboost on Vimeo.


Download Typing with Strangers on the App Store!


Posted by ThuyMuoi @thuymuoi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Ho Chi Minh City, late Friday evening, Jan 11, 2013