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Connect with friends globally!

The wait is over!

Our engineering team from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City has been working incredibly hard in the last three months to rebuild the collaboration functions of Whiteboard. It was countless amount of time, efforts, and many fights in the discussions – but the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to build the best collaborative products for our users.



Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing hit the App Store today and offer the Internet Collaboration feature for all of our Whiteboard users

We also update our Whiteboard to the new flat UI design.

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Let’s start connecting with friends and family today!

From Saigon with love - by @thuymuoi


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

After launching Whiteboard Account for a week, we proudly registered over 6,000 new Whiteboard users to our database. It’s not a huge number compared to many companies. However, it’s an achievable milestone for the GreenGar team, getting ready for the New Whiteboard launch in the future.

We were very exciting to see Apple feature Essa Academy on Apple Education website. Essa students and instructors has been using Whiteboard for years and rating 5 stars for our apps.

Here is their story:

Congratulation to Essa Academy!

Life is a learning journey, you will never stop!

We also just updated our Whiteboard Lite with to 4.1.1 with many bugs fixed. Please update the app, and share your awesome Labor Day spirit!

Happy holiday!

From GreenGar with Love!


Mountain View, 08/2013

Introducing: The Whiteboard Account

The wait is almost over! (almost)

The newest update of Whiteboard Lite version 4.1 is coming to App Store today. We’re introducing new Whiteboard accounts to enable you to select a custom username, which will display instead of your device name. Also, we’ve added the Whiteboard Gallery, where you can share your creations!

This is just the beginning…

The most wanted feature of Whiteboard: Internet Collaboration is under development. We have over 1,000 people signed up to beta test the new app by sharing their Whiteboard stories with us.

We built the new Internet Collaboration platform to be faster, better, and more elegant than ever, enabling up to 25 devices to connect in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already used Internet Collaboration in the past. Do I need to sign up for an Account again?

Yes. The New Whiteboard Account is different from the old “Greengar Accounts”. We’ve made the sign up process very easy on both the iPhone and iPad.

Can I start using Internet Collaboration today with Whiteboard Lite?

In Whiteboard Lite v4.1, the new Whiteboard Account enables users to display a custom username instead of their device name. Also, it enables users to upload to Whiteboard Gallery. The Internet Collaboration feature is being beta tested, and will be available to all Whiteboard users in less than two months.

Why do I need to sign up for a Whiteboard Account today?

Your Whiteboard username is similar to a Google or Facebook username: you definitely want to secure your username early. Furthermore, you’ll get early access to the New Whiteboard as we roll it out to about half a million users.

Contact us with any other questions or feedback!

Visit Whiteboard Gallery to see the awesome drawings created by our beloved Whiteboard users.

Lastly: enjoy this introduction video! I hope you like it as much as we do :)

A Peaceful Evening in Mountain View


Whiteboard on Nikkei Business Publications

GreenGar has graduated from 500 Startups with amazing experience and many lessons learned.

The 500 Startups Demo Days was taken place in Mountain View, San Francisco, and New York. After Thuy did the long pitch in Mountain View and San Francisco, Elliot decided to give a shot for the last pitch in New York.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.55.38 PM


And here is an article about Whiteboard on Nikkei Business Publications. The article is in Japanese, but here is the Google Translation:

The technology that was presented at Demo Day, ideas of young entrepreneurs is clogged. In emerging company that has entrepreneurship Ho Chi Minh City in the (Vietnam), GreenGar are developing a collaboration app for smartphones tablets. Thuy Truong of the CEO, (pictured below) wearing the national costume Ao Dai of Vietnam, appealed the “Whiteboard” app.

This app provides the ability to drawing on smartphone, tablet screen. The user can select a line width, etc. and color, to draw a character or picture instead of a finger brush. Features Whiteboard in collaboration, it is possible to drawing in cooperation with the smartphone, other tablet.

Screen shot above is the state, is where you start the Whiteboard in the Nexus 4, and recognized the Nexus 7 (left screen). By Accept cooperation with Nexus 7, collaboration begins. Where the right screen is a collaborative drawing, it is possible to write on the whiteboard from a common both devices. This app is being used by schools and conferences education, between bases in the enterprise. According to Truong, you are “Whiteboard had become popular app already, in order to grow larger, decided to move to Silicon Valley from Ho Chi Minh City” he said.


444 Castro - Silent coding night