Gameplay Designer and Programmer

Design and Engineering | Ho Chi Minh City or Remote

Available position: Full-time
Date posted: November 2011

Greengar Studios, the maker of Simple, Fun, and Useful mobile apps, is seeking people to create awesome new iOS games.

About Greengar
Greengar was recently founded by two University of Southern California alumni. We’ve successfully released about a dozen apps for the iOS and Android platforms. The most popular are Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing and Brain Tuner, two huge hits with over 7 million downloads. Greengar apps are among the most popular on the Apple App Store.

Greengar is a fast-paced international start-up company with team members in Ho Chi Minh City and Los Angeles. Our users are all over the world, from the U.S. to the U.K. and beyond.


We are looking to build games that are unusually small, simple, and fun. At Greengar, you’ll have the freedom to work across multiple areas, and make significant contributions to every game you work on.

You must…

  • be passionate about games.
  • have extreme attention to detail.
  • work well in a team.
  • focus on high quality experiences.
  • have superb communication skills.
Our ideal candidate is a quick learner, excited by change, unbothered by ambiguity, motivated by personal excellence, happy when doing many things, and highly dedicated to the success of the project.
Gameplay Designer
As a gameplay designer, you must…
  • have strong design sensibilities.
  • possess great instincts and exhibit creative flair.
  • have excellent communication skills.
  • be able to prototype game ideas.
You must have some kind of playable games, mods, level designs, or prototypes to show us. Otherwise, we can’t tell how good you are.
Gameplay Programmer
As a gameplay programmer, you must…
  • have strong knowledge of Objective-C and C/C++.
  • be able to self-manage tasks.
  • possess a strong sense of gameplay design and theory.
  • have the ability to quickly prototype and demonstrate gameplay mechanics.
  • have prior experience making games for a mobile platform (iOS, Nintendo DS, etc.)


You can apply to be a Gameplay Designer, Gameplay Programmer, or both.


Apply for this position
Send an email to Thuy Truong:
thuy at greengar dot com


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